About E G Tech Solutions, LLC

E G Tech Solutions LLC is a technical company based in Greenwich, Connecticut that focuses primarily on three core lines of business: VoIP and Telecommunications solutions, Network and Premise Security Systems, and Network Management Solutions.

Ari Ellenbogen is the founder, owner, and Chief IT Consultant.  Ari is well known in the community as a self-taught "geek" who has an intuitive ability to understand and work with a wide variety of platforms, systems and software applications.  Ari has built from the ground up and programmed his own data center, Mac and Windows computers, servers and networking systems, designed commercial use Apps working on Apple and Android mobile systems, installed and programmed high definition video surveillance systems that can be viewed and/or managed with mobile devices or fixed computers located anywhere in the World. Ari has also installed and programmed VoIP phone systems for office and commercial applications that enable remote customized management, operations and voice mail. For network management solutions, Ari has installed Cat 6 or 5e wiring and has installed and programmed servers, work-stations and wired and wireless intranet and internet based systems.  Ari self-hosts this and other website, which he has built entirely in code, and hosts his own e-mail systems, all in his own data center.  As a self-taught "geek" Ari is generally system agnostic and not married and limited to any particular company or system because of a certification or contract.  This means that we always try our best to match the best systems available, at the right price, with the specific needs of our customers.