Network Security & Perimeter Security

Perimeter security

Perimeter security, also known as premise access control, is extremely important in any residential or business environment. Our perimeter security solutions include indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems and perimeter access control systems.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video security was once too expensive for the homeowner and small business. It has since become extremely affordable. We use only the top brand names in our video security system installs.

All of our installed systems come standard with the following features, unless specifically requested:

  • 4K resolution
  • Remote Viewing from any internet-connected smartphone or computer
  • Nightvision
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control of each camera
  • Foul-play deterring technologies, such as strobe/spot lights, audible warnings

Perimeter Access Control Systems
RFID and electronic access control to entire buildings, or specialized areas. Used to limited access to certain areas, and electronically maintaining different levels of access for each authorized user.