Managed Services

What is a managed services provider, and why do i need one?

A managed services provider is a business or organization external from your own, which assumes responsiblity for all of, or a predetermined portion of your IT Infrastructure and its assets. For many small and medium businesses, it is ideal to contract with a Managed Services Provider, or MSP. The most significant advantage of having an MSP, is that you can feel the relief of not having the constant worry about the condition of your IT Infrastructure. An MSP will monitor, and take proactive action to ensure the continuity of your business. In many cases, and MSP is less costly than having to pay a full time on-site IT staff, because after a quarterly or annual fee, you don't have to pay personnel to sit at a desk all day long, even when there's nothing to be done.

what managed services do we offer?

The basic management contract consists of guaranteed response times to a service call, hardware, and software support.

Additionally, the following services are available:

-Telephone System/IPBX

-Hosted Exchange/Email

-Endpoint Security (antivirus, antispam, intrusion protection)

all of this sounds great, now how much does it cost?

The contracted rates of service contracts vary greatly by each client and their needs. We recommend calling us for the best quote. Please have ready the number of workstations and servers in your infrastructure, and number of employees. We are extremely competitive with our rates.