24/7 Emergency Service: Discontinued

A letter from owner Ari Ellenboge.

Since 2014, I had attempted to promote the use of retired emergency vehicles as mobile service vehicles for their ability to provide data and power connectivity in a disaster recovery scenario. Having owned multiple fire trucks and ambulances over the years, it was a dream of mine to be able to produce a one of a kind support vehicle, with every capability one could ever need into a mobile unit.

Word of mouth promoting of the emergency response unit was discontinued back in August of 2014 when i realized that due to equipment and operating costs, this would never be able to be a reality. Sadly, not one unit ever saw service in the world of IT.

So, where are my emergency vehicles now? Seeing the best life they can.

The ambulance was sold and its new owner used it across the state for heavy duty road service and truck repairs.

The Rescue Pumper remains in my driveway for personal use and will never be sold, as i have dispatch records indicating that it responded mutual aid to Manhattan on the terrible morning of the September 11th attacks. For that reason, it has great historic and sentimental value, in addition to being a memorial. It serves as a family bus on occasion, but perhaps most importantly, it continues to serve the local community as a free public service during times of need. I have pumped out more basements than i can count during storms, and provided emergency power for people to charge their cell phones.