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One of the most important components in having a well established IT Infrastructure for your business is to have a disaster recovery plan. Whether it be a natural disaster, a localized disaster, or simply a catastrophic computer failure, your business must be able to continue operations. With our latest multi-backup solution, this worry is no longer. A hardware appliance installed in your server room continuously takes complete system-level backup "snapshots" of your server. Simultaneously, these snapshots are also backed up into our highly secure, HIPAA and PCI compliant data centers. These backups are automatically loaded onto one of our servers, which is linked to your location by a virtual internet interface.

An example scenario: Your server on site has just suffered a complete failure. All data has been compromised and cannot be recovered from the server. You cannot continue business operations without access to your data. With our backup solutions, all it takes is a click of a button to start up a perfect clone of your server on our secure cloud, and connect it to your local network. You can be back up and running in the blink of an eye. Now that you're business isn't losing money by being offline, you can continue to focus on your business, and let us deal with the recovery of your server at a time most convenient for you.

The ultimate question: Can you afford to be without a disaster recovery plan?

Datto's Flagship: The Siris Product Line

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**Did you know that a small business with 10 employees can suffer losses in excess of $5000 if the IT Infrastructure were to fail, and the business became unable to continue business operations for an 8 hour work day. This statistic is based on average small business revenue lost, overhead costs, and employee wages.